Frédéric Platéus

A self-taught artist, Frédéric Platéus’ work turns a charismatic balance of high art and pop culture into exquisite design. In his sculptures, he combines his attraction to sports, speed, technology, and science-fiction with his love for urban culture. Platéus’ work has delicate visual clarity and is unified by clean lines, lustrous textures and impeccable design. His signature “Anabolic Panels” are large rectangular reliefs that contain bulging PVC compositions. Carefully designed and cut from wood and is then stretched and sealed with heat onto custom-made PVC, the works have an immaculate finish that is slick and flawlessly balanced. Featured in institutions such as WIELS and BOZAR in Brussels, CAPC Bordeaux, MAC’s Grand-Hornu or the National Gallery of Art Zacheta in Warsow, the Belgian artist draws us to the speed and dynamism of the urban environment, through futuristic plastic forms reminiscent of Star Trek cardboard decorations and Erwin Wurm’s inflatable cars. Inspired by the motorcycle industry and its obsession with smooth finishes, Platéus’s work is inscribed in the tradition of the “Finish Fetish”, an artistic movement originating from Los Angeles in the 60s and defined as the Californian counterpart to New York Minimalism. Platéus’ refreshing artistic vision brings gloss, humour and vintage futurism to the contemporary art world. Available arts

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