Mo El-Kadey

British Egyptian Abstract Expressionist Serialist, an extremely proud Anglophile, now based in St. Leonards and Hastings, East Sussex.
As a child, back home in Cairo, Mo used to watch his uncle, Samah Saied, a renowned Impressionist artist and credits this experience as being greatly influential on his desire to create beautiful stories through art.
After finishing his studies in Business Administration, Mo moved to London in 2007. Having a personal interest In Biomechanics, CHD Desires and muscle development for endurance he decided to study Personal Fitness and Training.
Having 14 years sales and marketing experience of working in competitive industries, as well as successfully identifying new business opportunities within these markets, Mo’s desire to paint and to be recognised as a serious painter re-emerged. Having an extremely strong conviction in his own artistic abilities, Mo set aside a successful professional business career and focused on his deep-hearted dream for art and the transformation of storytelling within the medium of painting and poetry.
Growing up surrounded by the family textile business influenced his choice of vivid colours which represents a vibrant mix of lights, shapes and forms that create a painting of pure thought and emotions in reflection. His distinctive, unique personal style emanates joy, struggle and peace by expressing his bold, vibrant spirit and the atmosphere of his sole, painting on a black background as this is exactly how the images are seen in his mind.
Mo is a narrator, “ I am a storyteller and I want you to know about my stories” using his trademark dynamic colour palette depicting fearless subjects, exuding passion, meaning and significance on his unique experiences and philosophy on life.

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